Bespoke Service

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss having something beautifully handmade.

Whether you may have seen something you already like the look of in my collection, or whether you are interested in commissioning something specific to you, I am always up for a challenge!!















 I was approached by a Film Set Director who was very interested in what else I may be able to create. After a lengthy discussion about design, techniques and ideas, I looked at this ladies business card, to my surprise it said 007…….!?





To my absolute delight I was invited along to the fantastic PINEWOOD STUDIOS and shown around the props department. Bursting with excitement, after a few weeks of sampling, designing and presenting, I was selected and began working on an exquisite transparent collection for the twenty-fourth Bond film; SPECTRE.




I worked on a series of functional desk-wares, simplistic sculptural forms and highly polished faceted objects.










My attention to detail in focusing on coldworking techniques allowed me to spend hours perfecting such a mirror shine on these special props. A collection that I would be interested in developing further.








Commercial Money Matters : Commission

Graham Allen, managing director of Commercial Money Matters, approached me to commission a large, three piece installation, to sit upon his boardroom table, inside his unique countryside workplace in Leicestershire.


Together we experimented with colours that represented his three corporate themes, then I created a split three piece 'Geode' installation.


More photos of the pieces in situ can be found here .

"These fantastic features evoke commentary and conversation from all of the visitors to our boardroom".

Graham Allen









Royal Overseas League, 60th Annual Music Competition 2012

I was invited to design an award for the 2012 Royal Overseas League of Music Trophy as part of a competition.

On the 8th May 2012, I was declared the winner and I got to see the concert and ceremony, then afterwards meet the recipient of my award at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre, London.